I'm Royce Howland, a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks for visiting my galleries! Here you will find photographs and digital art from some of the most amazing terrain in the world -- from the Canadian Rockies and prairies, to the northern Boreal forest and southern Alberta badlands. You'll also find images from my travels to places including the American Southwest and the UK. I call my work "Vivid Aspect Photography", and it is my goal to show rich interpretations of the world that resonate with the viewer.

My photography is all based on digital cameras and processing in the digital darkroom. The advent of digital photography has brought an incredible degree of expression and control into the hands of the photographer-as-artist. In my digital photography work, I frequently use panoramic image stitching, black and white conversions, and a technique called High Dynamic Range Imaging. With all of these techniques, my goal is to produce an image that honors the photorealism of historical film photography, balanced with my own creative interpretation of the world.

I also venture into works of digital art. These begin with photographic images as their source material, but use extensive compositing, filtering and digital painting techniques to produce an image that is a purely created artwork.

If you would like to acquire any of these images, they can be directly licensed in electronic format through my galleries here. Licenses are available for personal as well as commercial use -- pricing is available online, or feel free to contact me directly to describe your desired usage. Many of my images are also available as prints.

Thanks for looking!